Tips to Find Best SIP Mobile Dialer

Published by Farassoo on 19th November 2018

If you are looking for SIP Dialer you need to take care of few things while choosing the best one. In this article you will get few tips to choose Best Mobile Dialer, we find so much confusion when we get several options. How to know which one will be best and will suit our needs.

Here are few tips which you can follow while choosing SIP Mobile App from several options.


  1. Compatibility: Test the Dialer along with your own Softswitch/PBX, is the product compatible with your device or else you might end up buying new Softswitch from the same company. If you don’t have then there is not a problem, you can test with company’s product.
  1. Audio Quality: This is one and the foremost thing you need to evaluate while choosing any SIP App, test the Audio Clarity by making few calls which will give you clear idea of the features and its stability. There are many available in the market now a-days and if you finalize any Softphone just by looking at the design and the User Interface then can create problem later so its better to measure the quality first and then check the design which should be customizable.
  1. Customizable: Check is the App fully customizable, as later you might need customization as per your requirements like design, dial pad, your company’s branding, logo and other required things.
  1. Codec Support: This is the thing which you need to confirm with the provider that what codec does the product support. Because Codec compatibility is important aspect in VoIP Business. Codec supports like: G729, GSM, Speex, G711, G722, AMR and others.
  1. User Friendly Interface: User Interface should be user friendly so if the SIP Device is customizable and you are looking for your own design to be implemented then go for easy look, as your clients may not be tech Savvy so easy design will make their work easier.
  1. Equipped with Advanced Characteristics: While choosing, Look for the latest and advance features which is required now a day. There are new characteristics which needs to be available like:
  • Registration – Where people can register via App (With OTP)
  • Rate & Balance Display – Rate of the Call and Remaining Balance should show on the screen
  • Social Media Integration – Facebook & LinkedIn Integration
  • Complete White Label – where you can put your company’s logo everywhere in the app
  • Display Call History
  • Advance Call Statistics
  • Online Payment Gateway


And more features as mentioned above which are required now a-days, makes the product more advance. So before choosing, look forward for above features and evaluate properly along with your device. iKcon Infotech is well known name for the VoIP Industry and dealing with Softswitch, Customized Mobile Dialers, IP PBX, ViciDial and many more from past 7 years and getting positive feedbacks from our existing clients. For more information and demo you can visit to and get free demo of our services.




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