How to Grow Your VoIP Business

Published by Farassoo on 12th November 2018

Technology is changing very fast now a day, VoIP is one of the latest technologies which is grooming like anything and reaching to new height at good pace, reason for growth of VoIP is its less expenditure and good quality. That is the reason what IP telephony demand has also at the bounce.

If you have started your own VoIP business whether its Wholesale and Retail. Wholesale and Retail has its own markets. If you just started or going to start, then you need to take care of few things which will help you to grow your VoIP business. For starting VoIP business first and foremost thing you will require is Class 5 Softswitch. This is the heart of VoIP business, so while choosing Softswitch you need to take care of few things like first check the quality of the product because your business depends on the quality and features which your Softswitch has. It’s better to go with reliable and scalable product which will help you to boost your business too.

Things to remember:

  • Check the Demo of the Softswitch
  • Compare the Features
  • Check for Support because you will require 24/7 support
  • Don’t go with overwhelmed features which might not be useful for you however you will end up paying extra for those features
  • Have good knowledge of the Softswitch before starting as you might need to make changes anytime as per the requirements of the customer, if you don’t have good knowledge of the system then you might need to hire someone for support otherwise if your clients issue will not be resolved on time you might end up loosing them which will be big loss to your business

Above points states how to retain the existing customers, because retaining an existing customer is equal to getting 2 new customers because on acquiring two new customers you need to spend money so its better to retain your existing clients along with acquiring new customers. So best thing to provide good customer service and on the spot resolution to their problems. If you are dealing with Retail customers, then all you need to do is compete your competitors, at the initial stage of your business you need to compete their price along with quality. To check their services first you need to understand the quality of services they are providing and along with the charges. Then if you are competing with any existing brand then check the reviews of their clients what exactly the issue are they facing so work on your system before launching your product.

Above tips will help you to grow your existing VoIP business or will help you if you are going to start a new one. We are Farassoo . We have been dealing with VoIP based products like Softswitch, Mobile Dialers, PBX System and many more from past several years. For more information of our products and free demo you can visit to or email us at




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