How Softswitch Has Become Significant for Wholesale VoIP Provider

Published by Farassoo on 12th November 2018

There were lots of issues we used to face in terms of management of IP Telephony, thanks in big part to evolution and the emergence of technology that is softswitch. Softswitches are software-based applications that facilitate the switching environment of PBX systems, replacing analog and IP trunks. The technology arranges and the most advanced goods in the marketplace offer more functionality, along with routes calls almost.

The VoIP market keeps growing, In latest Research reporting that the international VoIP market reached $61 billion from them in 2012, a nine percent lump previous year. The research company predicts that the market will expand to $81 billion by 2017, so it seems it is poised to experience a renaissance of sorts as well.

That’s mainly because of the growth of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), an activity that has revolutionized networking services by decoupling network functions from proprietary hardware applications so they could run on software. Since softswitches are applications-based, they could be virtualized, allowing central management of call routing infrastructure, for more easy. In addition to that, this technology reduces the danger of vendor lock-in, as the applications can be used on any regular computer and server.
But technology also grants VoIP providers various other advantages. Softswitches are incredibly scalable by nature and certainly will handle thousands of calls concurrently, based on the special model being used.
Now’s business landscape keeps changing, as well as in order to remain current, you’ve got to change with it. Since the technology is software-based, upgrades might be manufactured by downloading new versions. That means that you simply don’t have to bother about entirely replacing an option that’s already in position.

After your operations, system managers can look with simple use of the Internet. So if your system manager is not available still you don’t have to be worry because this can be fixed remotely just by taking the access of internet via remotely things can be fixed Whenever any issue appears, troubleshooting and maintenance can happen remotely, meaning your systems will be back online as very quickly. Best-in-class solutions integrate call routing, billing, customer management and reporting in order to give VoIP-based termination and origination services. Companies that decide to implement this type of solution can get a plethora of advice from a single interface, saving time in the process. This is the reason this technology has became first priority of any business.


So now things have been easier for all Wholesale and Retail VoIP Business owners, that is the reason stated above that this technology brought huge change in the industry and making things easier for everyone. As now in one Soft-Switch Retail and Wholesale comes together so whether you are Wholesaler or Retailer this is going to be useful for you or if you dealing in both then this is best product for you. Reporting system makes things easier and more effective.

Major Characteristics:


  • Highly Scalable
  • Few Hardware Required
  • Very Affordable
  • Call Routing
  • Billing Interface
  • Security Features
  • Calling Cards System




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